Thoughts: Lit Cigarette

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Lit Cigarette

I don’t know why a work shift drags like a lit cigarette puffed on by a chain smoker with decaying teeth. But today was the longest, most grueling 8 hours of a rather mundane life… Maybe it’s because I left my cash at home and labored through the duration of it hungry and anxious for nourishment. Have you ever seen a grizzly bear roaming for food after hibernation? Well that’s me raging against the machine of emptiness churning inside of my hollow gut, but that was nothing compared to the ache in my tender feet. The sting of discomfort that shot through my soles like lightning left me numb and devoid of happy thoughts. It’s frightening how much the human body changes when it is under distress. But I find the endurance to prance when the last 5 minutes draws near. An easiness envelopes me in it’s lasso of truth. At last, rest is here to save me too.


Love always, Esha ❤

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