New Years Vibe

Photo by Jill Wellington on
Photo by Jill Wellington on

New Years Vibe

Season’s Greetings,

Are due to you

And everyone who made it through

This crazy ass year

Full of shock and walled in tears


It ends the minute

The countdown begins: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

So let the dazzling gold and silver confetti fly

Let it twinkle and fall

Like so many stars that extinguish before night


We stand on the precipice of a harsh reality

Bleeding through a white page

But we continue to work, study and write

As we aim for good grades

And utility bills paid 


Enslaved to the push and pull tactics of politics everyday

Never knowing if our good

Will turn out for the better

But we pray for better days

And lovely weather


We pray for the strength to fight another day

And keep our families together

We pray for abundance

And a peace that lasts forever

As we initial our hopes in black ink


All the while knowing that the last year…

Is only the beginning

Nevertheless, here’s to dreaming

Happy New Years!!!


Love always, Esha ❤



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