Rescue Me

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Rescue Me

In the highest room of a castle,

Far far away,

Hidden in a dense forest in a land

Only seen in deep sleep

In the highest room of a castle,


Is Rapunzel a heartthrob

With locks past her knees

It hangs like thick, twisted, old  vines

That wrap around furniture

Before touching the floor


Her skin is softer than ivory clouds

And sparkles like bronze

Lips redder than rose petals

Touched by the sunset’s last light

She beckons the lonely with a magical glare


But no one is able to reach her up there

Unless she throws down her ground sweeping hair

A rope fashioned from a braided crown

Is thrown out the window


It sways in the midday breeze

She yells through the trees:

won’t you scale this wall

to come up here

and rescue me


Love always, Esha ❤


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