I got something to say…

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I don’t peddle great change or hope

I’m not running an election campaign

So I don’t need your vote

But I would greatly appreciate it

If you read the letters I wrote:


I don’t represent you

But I pray my openness

Can correlate with you

Let warm words wrap around stiff vocal cords

In preparation for your breakthrough


This year tested our iron

This election will test the nation’s soul

Divided among party lines

That never grow old

Our individual destinies are still ours to control


I stand in the trenches with you 

Enduring a struggle passed down to me 

From high mountains eaten out by low valleys 

We are a gold chain creating loops within one another 


We stand hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, eye to eye

I don’t know what the morning brings

But I can tell you one thing

We’re gonna be alright


Love always, Esha ❤






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