Open Letter to My Brother


Open Letter to My Brother


Where are you?

When are you coming back?

How could you not call?

Why would you just leave like that?


I just want to know

So when my children

See you’re missing…

They’ll know why your gone


We were never close

Always distance like ankles and elbows

Separated by a torso

I knew you were down and out

And I failed to be remorseful


I poured salt on an open wound

It eradicated your intent

And left scars on me too

Wanting you to get a slice of the pain

You put me through



Maybe one day

When freedom is just

A stone’s throw away

We can give our relationship

Somewhat of a fresh start


We share the same body

But we’re far apart…

Doing different things

But sharing one heart


I’ve been changing

And adjusting my attitude

I take the high road a little more now

As opposed to just being rude


I get tried of having conversations

Once every 4 years

Where you jump to conclusions

And I make outrageous assumptions


One never trusting the other

Without capricious preconceived notions

Just antsy to make a real connection

So a closed door can open

Well here’s to hoping…



Sincerely, Esha ❤

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