Strong Heart Beat


Photo by Ola Dapo on

Strong Heart Beat

Unplug the charging cell phone 

Siri reports and conveys the redundant 

The news is made-up of bits and pixels 

With no answers in sight 

We work in the day 

And hide in the night 


I lean not onto my own understanding 

Bending with the contours of my everyday 

Balling my fists up

And rubbing away the hypocrisy of a poorly thinning veil


Always wondering…

if truth is a heart beat away

Why does the ground’s pulse quicken? 

Synchronizing with a vibration that I don’t know 


A location far from reality covers the morning

in a moss that dilapidated safe homes 

A land that angels visit and demons roam 

But we find gems to help us rebuild 

A world full of unknowns 


Love always, Esha ❤


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