Who is We?

Photo by Du01b0u01a1ng Nhu00e2n on Pexels.com

Who Is We?

Stars rain on our frost covered mountain 

We stare but pay them no mind 

We live in the land of wonders 

A place running on it’s own time 


But we still spend every second wisely 

He took me to the hot springs 

Hidden in the trees to surprise me 

Steamy waters leave vapors rising 


Ease into ethereal scenes 

A deer eats soft grass

While serving as a landing pad

For the Monarch’s wary wings


Underneath moonlight and fireflies 

We hold hands walking 

On chalky, broken, uncertain lanes  

But soon decide it’s time for a change 


Twirling on drifting dandelion spores

We take flight 

Got lost a couple times along the way 

But that’s alright 


Who is we? You might ask 

We is… him and I 

I + him =

Prayers, daydreams, hopes and whims

When WE come together

The magic begins…


Love Always, Esha ❤

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