Moving Trucks

red pickup truck parked near wall
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Moving Trucks

there it is a big truck

carrying heavy loads

baring the burden of sordid molds

entrenched in the decadence of harden folds

and devastating stories that few have told


only for the residents to let go,

move on and live there no more

they rest in driveways, alleys and street curbs

neighbors watch, ever chirping like birds


eviction is sweeping the block 

picking the faithful lock 

changing the haves

to the have-nots 


packing up family pictures

that once sat on living room shelves

taking garden gnomes and santa’s elves

all the hope is dispelled 


stacking up dressers, chairs, TV’s and couches

glass figurines, antiques and mouses

formerly full dwellings

turned into empty houses



Love always, Esha ❤



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