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i forgive you

not because you deserve it

but because holding on

is not worth my soul


bitterness swoops down

when you don’t let go

holding on to fire

burns everything you attempt to hold


but i will never forget

the crisp, stinging, abrasiveness and contempt

i was confronted with

when i could of been treated with respect


now i understand that people’s energy

towards you is a matter of what you accept

and i… eager eyed and busy tailed

accepted less


as of today, i demand the best

standing in the dense afternoon light

covering everything under it’s reach

i lift my head up and stick out my chest


shake lose the ruffles

at the bottom of my flower printed dress

and move on with grace and fineness

fully prepared for the obstacles

i will face next


because happiness is a choice

and selecting peace is life’s test

i always try to fly above the rest…

that’s why i choose forgiveness


Love always, Esha ❤


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