Stronghold Before Me


photography of castle
Photo by Skitterphoto on


Stronghold Before Me

i called out to him

like i had done… so many times before

only to get silence in response

he is distant with no interest in drawing close 

protected by an impregnable fortress

that remains well guarded


inside the courtyard,

German Shepard’s with teeth like sharpened knives

are on watch…

your small forces send flying boulders to halt trespassers


electric fences that leave scorched earth jealous

wrap around the castle

like a parent hugging their child

on the first day of school


a hand dug moat

with a channel too small for a ship

and water too stagnant to sail a boat

lies before my feet


why you got to be so mean?

your using archers

to shot arrows from angles

that i can’t see

let your drawbridge down and face me


Thanks for reading! Love always ❤



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