Last year, I wrote this poem when Nipsey Hussle died. During that time, I was looking for answers. In many ways, I still am… So many people are affected by gun violence. I have been meaning to talk about this but the pain can be hard to put into words sometimes.

man wearing jacket carrying a gun
Photo by Harrison Haines on Pexels.com



another good man shot down
a prophet gets no respect
in his home town 
the radio says, shoot em up
2 seconds later… glocks down 

i’m confused
and any outsider would be amused 
conflicting ideologies
and scare tactics cover our news 

even though i’m happy 
i got the city blues
the real ones always die too soon 
especially when the powers that be 
are targeting you… 

young and old gather round
the outlines of chalk on the ground 
outside of women wailing…
there is no sound

cops and investigators circle the scene like crows
who shot this young brother? 
nobody knows… 
God bless his mother’s tired, weeping soul
you should never have to bury your children
as you grow old…


Love Always, Esha ❤

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