We Interlock

photography of roadway during dusk
Photo by Jiarong Deng on Pexels.com

We Interlock

it’s 6:40 am, you call me, i wake up
brush my pearly whites, swiftly shower,
get dressed, put on my makeup
and take notice of the fading shadows outside
dash out the front door into the unknown abyss

i look back one last time
as i hop into your ride
i cast my mahogany glare on your countenance
and we fall…

into an ever engulfing robust reality:
where bean stalks grow in place of trees
and progressing leads you to climb
in search of everlasting green

we interlock our fingers like woven braids
we interlock our lips when we misbehave
we interlock our hearts when we’re feeling brave
we interlock our mission to reach far goals

understanding that love…
comes before silver and gold
eventually we bare our pointed fangs
and our anxious, weary souls

as we drive onto the highway headed towards domestic life
grits, toast, eggs and disagreements free of strife
we nap in a little slice of paradise… called home
where eternal love is your guide
and higher creativity encourages ambitious souls to roam

Love Always, Esha ❤


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