Still Exist

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 Still Exist

don’t smash me into your

picture perfect, modish suburban family of four

affirmed kodak frame staples

offset by social media acclaim


i learned long ago…

my lavish thighs were too wide for the lenses

they can’t be boxed into geometric spheres

they can’t be tamed, Lord knows I tried…

but they exist still…


the golden ratio fails to capture

the delicate swoops of my full lips

it is predicated against the vibrant flare of my nostrils

it cares nothing for the creases at the slant corner of my eyes

but they exist still…


whether by fate or my will

i will love this canvas of mine

cradled and protected by turned up lashes,

buried in the center of a black pupil is unrefined glory

waiting to be unsealed to a world full of fictitious stories

to prove they still exist…


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– Much love, Esha



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