Just a Thought: A Bouquet

nature flowers spring colorful
Photo by Unchalee Srirugsar on Pexels.com

A Bouquet

a delivery of fuchsia, baby blue, tuscan and teal tinted roses

enveloped the glass vase of transparency

as the smell blankets the room…

intoxicated nostrils rarely intrigued

by the delights of love taking flight… in the afternoon


lounge in the spectacular array of questions… 

who sent you those flowers?

were you expecting anything today?

echoed from onlookers

your cheek reddens, you’re embarrassed but ecstatic


just by the thought of someone noticing you

so you return to your work station

your day enhanced by admiration’s fragrant hue

only to read the card… and discover

a former rendezvous you haven’t heard from in a week

has been thinking of you



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– Much love, Esha



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