Feeling Tired

Can I share the contents of my heart with you? I certainly hope so…


Feeling Tired

i can’t do it all

but i can do enough

i’m not your superwomen

i’m not that tough


i ache, body crumbling, trembling…

under the struggle’s weight

enveloped in the belly of the beast

while staring at heaven’s gate


people ask me, Are you okay?

only reply they seek is… I’m great.

well truth is… I ain’t but I’m getting better.


picking up the pieces of my ebon soul

and putting ’em back together

i’m stitching seams

out of vintage patches and used dreams


a sterling promise chirps loudly

on top of a flickering street lamp

in the middle of my block 


one little light fills the entirety

of my being with enthusiasm

straightaway… i don’t feel tired anymore


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– Much love, Esha


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