Colorblind 2020

Colorblind 2020

this year

i repeat, this year

has been a complete mess

yes, i’m blessed


but i’m over the stress

covid-19, self isolation, enduring racism and civil unrest

put me to the test

but I’m still standing

with all the strength God gave me


i’m more focused than angry

but even if i was…

who could blame me?

i’m over being sick and tired


it doesn’t matter how smart you are

if your life is hanging by a wire 

a hallow thought for real freedom

awakened by tear filled protests and riot fire 


since i continue to thrive through my oppression…

why continue to hate me?

create near impossible scenarios

for me and my people then say were lying

cover the sordid reality with criminalizing fables

many are capable but few are able


as though the system ain’t built

to abuse and or kill non-whites

if they cross an invisible line

the elites keep moving the goal post

but expect the Black people of the globe to keep acting like everything’s fine


while poverty is at an all time high

people losing their houses and livelihoods

quicker than i can open a bottle of wine

the government is stalling by buying used time

hiding… from everyday people’s imposed turmoil

wishing… they turn to a life of crime

how can justice be just while hired politicians play colorblind


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– Much love, Esha

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