A World Full of Stories

pile of books
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


A World Full of Stories 


typewriters speak a language all their own

running meters of finger strokes

colliding with outside vibrations

you open my day to bookmarks, ice cold sweet tea

and rocking chairs

i pack a bag for the trip

the only journey where glasses are equipment


lavender scented dreams lead me back to you

after years of keeping a distance -i’m back

show me the chapters of your life

your detailed accounts make me feel alive


you take me on captivating adventures that boggle the mind

i am connected to the characters

and delighted by their dreams

concepts i can rarely understand now make sense to me


i move my nimble fingers along the spine

it’s golden title engraved

with tales frozen in time

with every turned page


i am yours and your story is mine

i sit on the edge of an epic tale

in a world where nothing is for certain

a good book never fails


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– Much love, Esha


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