Standing At The Cusp

Photo by S Migaj on We're just now seeing the ball of glowing fire Rising over the mountain top The red light is bright but nothing like fluorescence It stings the eyes, it lights up the world, It electrifies the soul, it burns out of control The shinning rays touching cold skin gives the … Continue reading Standing At The Cusp


Small Thought: Sleep

Photo by Pixabay on Small Thought: Sleep I need sleep but sleep doesn't need me. If I don't receive enough of it... I turn angry. Enraged and caged into a body with no energy. So my body is weary. Too tired to carry it's own weight. I need a bed for goodness sake but … Continue reading Small Thought: Sleep

Eye Drops

  Photo by Evgenia Basyrova on Eye Drops Water purifies the body But it can only provide moisture To the quenched palette of a lost dreamerThere is no relief for the weary of spirit Only a robust speech that elavates the mind Can flush sore eyes of borrowed expectations Love always, Esha ❤