Waiting in Faith

Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com Waiting in Faith We live with the hope of awakening to the sight of better things. I know the power of the unseen. Everyday, we sow a precious mustard seed. Faith makes our hearts full. Prayer makes our gardens lush and green. Sometimes the blessings lie in waiting. Love … Continue reading Waiting in Faith

In My Feelings: A Call Away

A Call Away I stand at the end of the road waiting for you to join me. Wondering if I called out loud enough for you to hear. If you need me I'm only a call away. If you desire a shoulder to lean on I'm here.  Love always, Esha  ❤


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Waiting Restless hearts want to know... How far does your love go? Does it swing to the bedrock of a damp soul? Or does it soar like an eagle in mid-flight? Does it vanish during the day? Then exhume at night? Is it the peak of hope? Or the plains … Continue reading Waiting

In God We Trust

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com In God We Trust We have been here before We know the color of dusk The day waits for you The evening stands beside us Believing in a God that few choose to trust   Love always, Esha ❤  


Waiting deep in the bosom of eternity behind a shattered rib or two at the core of a restless heart you will find me... waiting for you   Love always, Esha ❤