Short Thought: Unwilling Truth

Photo by Min An on You can never assume you know someone until you know them. The truth is never pretty but once you see it. It can't be unseen. It is akin to a splinter trapped in the center of an unwilling thumb. Love always, Esha ❤

Do They Still Write…

Photo by Pixabay on Do they still write love letters? Do people put their hand to the craft of writing in cursive? I desire to see the swirls and loops of black ink and lead based love. Can someone love me like that? My heart cries out for a 4 page letter. I am … Continue reading Do They Still Write…


Just A Thought: Coin Toss

Photo by cottonbro CGI on Coin Toss Love is admirable when peaceful But shameful when toxic When bad love gets going its hard to stop it It takes off into the sky It flies like a rocket You went on an intergalactic journey But somehow got lost It's like unlocking the mystery of Pandora's … Continue reading Just A Thought: Coin Toss