Freight Train

Photo by Jose Uribe on It comes Suddenly goes Screaming At times loud like thunder Then all at once silent Like the grave Doesn't know etiquette Ignored the notion to behave Like a bass It bellows Like a light It radiants Some call it hard For some it is fast Like peddles on the … Continue reading Freight Train


Grey Hills

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on We look for the light Praying for the shine of an incandescent glow That flickers in the darkness of eternal night Then here comes the smoke... Like grey hills rolling over brick laced chimney tops It creates smog and gives off warmth Burning red logs on an orange inferno … Continue reading Grey Hills


  Lemonade Lemons squeezed and whipped by sugar's cane Makes sweet drinks for hot days It tastes like acidic melodies Having a parade As you sit under the cover Of a tall tree for rejuvenating shade Enjoying a cold glass of lemonade   Love always, Esha ❤