Love & Respect

Photo by RODNAE Productions on I'm convinced that the hard fought wars are internal Ego, guilt and shame Never dealing with hurt Praying the next relationship won't be the same Many tender hearts are losing In this game of love and war Desiring a love that grips at the waist And narrows at the … Continue reading Love & Respect


Thinking: The Reality Inside

The Reality Inside coax me from my shell i need a reason to go outside a day not too far from now the purple berries will be covered in frost again the pine cones will hang frozen from the trees there will be no pugnacious buzz of agitated bees but i will remain inside a … Continue reading Thinking: The Reality Inside


Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Diamonds Sell me a dream worth buying You offer me jewelry drenched in cubic zirconia And attempt to say their diamonds Even if we're just going for a walk in the town The truth is more exciting Material things rust and break But what we have will remain There … Continue reading Diamonds