Gather my little pieces in your open palms. Hold me tighter, melt away the struggles of my day with your love and kindness. Lay tender glances into eyes willingly to hope once more. Add careful words to a steady shoulder willing to carry the hope of dreams unbound. Love always, Esha ❤


Much Needed Rest

Photo by Richard Pantling on Pexels.com Take me to your island Where I can bask in the sweet sun Swing in the night breeze And frolic until my work is done Just breath easy No expectation for the anticipation Of conversation In truth, I want to rest Experience joy, peace and happiness No hurt in … Continue reading Much Needed Rest

My Mood: Vacation

    Vacation i needed to take a break, to focus, to think, to rest, to relate, to pray, to play while I'm lounging in the energy of vacation days it's beneficial to spend time away easy mornings filled with chilled, lemon water detox and reading books in palm tree shade   Love always, Esha … Continue reading My Mood: Vacation