Boiled Over

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Every since my Daddy died... it seems like everybody got their own thang going on. And everybody doing me bogus. But deep deep down, I like the transparency! So call me the bounce back kid. My aspirations started off small but my heart is big. So let the thunder … Continue reading Boiled Over


Do They Still Write…

Photo by Pixabay on Do they still write love letters? Do people put their hand to the craft of writing in cursive? I desire to see the swirls and loops of black ink and lead based love. Can someone love me like that? My heart cries out for a 4 page letter. I am … Continue reading Do They Still Write…

KDP Self-publishing Mistakes

  Photo by Alexander Mils on KDP Self-publishing Mistakes Today, my book Perseverance of the Human Spirit is available. This is my third poetry book and I have learned so much along my self publishing journey. I wanted to share a bit of the common errors that can occur during formatting with Amazon's KDP … Continue reading KDP Self-publishing Mistakes