Much Needed Rest

Photo by Richard Pantling on Take me to your island Where I can bask in the sweet sun Swing in the night breeze And frolic until my work is done Just breath easy No expectation for the anticipation Of conversation In truth, I want to rest Experience joy, peace and happiness No hurt in … Continue reading Much Needed Rest


Til It’s Over

Photo by ArtHouse Studio on Til It's Over Lean on the Lord Put tired arms on a willing shoulder Because I don't have the strength To carry you over the threshold Some vogues we take without a crew Devoid of a compass to guide The wind blows through the sails of your boat Feeling … Continue reading Til It’s Over

Writing Island

Photo by Pixabay on Writing Island only 1 thing is for certain i will keep on working typing till my fingers are throbbing isolated on my writing island aided by the shade of palm trees words filling a page addresses spiritual needs drinking coconut water as i pleaseĀ  i'm a distant breeze to a … Continue reading Writing Island