Keep Laughing

Photo by Godisable Jacob on The pain may hurt you. Your friends may see your struggle and desert you. But laughter is the best medicine you will ever find. Because it makes the day bearable when the clouds form overhead. It makes the tears taste like bitter honey. It makes the hot coals turn … Continue reading Keep Laughing


The Past Doesn’t Matter

Photo by Archana GS on It matters not. The turbulence you have seen. Happiness that has gone to rot. You are the newness that grows in the place of the old. Like wet honey dripping off the comb. Too fresh to be packed away. To wild to be sold. Made to be unique. Born … Continue reading The Past Doesn’t Matter

Counting Days

Counting Days with furious determination i count the days until i see you again... lover, confidant and friend   we are split peas that come together to make soup you are the tither to land that my arctic heart grasped onto   we are miles away but the journey is worth it to me to … Continue reading Counting Days