Addiction He flirts with death He a stone cold, hope killer The pain gets no realer He smoke the dope   I'm not pointing no fingers But scorn follows the drug dealer He trades in disaster When people are going down He helps them get there faster   But the user just wants to feel … Continue reading Addiction


Past Glow

Photo by 3Motional Studio on Past Glow slide into the mirrored glass of a distance past you'd rather forget about a lamb caught in the lion's mouth   a sealed tunnel with no way out but you dig thru breaking the walls that others called impenetrable built inroads when no one expected you too … Continue reading Past Glow

Eternity Kind Of Love

Eternity Kind of Love don't love me if you do not choose to i will not take unwelcome love   it is not an anchor that locks to your feet it is not a burden you are forced to keep   it is not a weapon to be used against me but it is a … Continue reading Eternity Kind Of Love

We Lifted

We Lifted caterpillar to butterfly fly lady fly nothing but horizons and blue skies fly lady fly a little breeze, lifts twigs and sweeps leaves but we keep on moving   Love always, Esha ❤  

I’m Cold

Let's keep the late night poetry vibe going. The next piece is... I'm Cold some may say, i'm cold been staring at and analyzing a ruthless society since i was 2 days old dark brown pebbles... uprooting its blackened coal   Love always, Esha ❤