My Flesh

Photo by Angela Roma on this flesh, my flesh is soft, succulent and brown a hue passed down from my Grandpappy it's moisture maintained by shea butter these are the lips that gave sweet dreams to dry eyes full and shiny like the sunrise hands that cradled water from many streams used to toil, … Continue reading My Flesh


Don’t Text Back

Photo by Tim Samuel on Cell phones get tired And apparently fingers do too Because when I text I don't hear back from you Ghost me until you miss me But it won't do Because when you need me I won't text back too Love always, Esha ❤

Holding On

Photo by Aistu0117 Sveikataitu0117 on Holding On Love is like grains of sand running through nimble, oily fingers. It's hard to hold on to but you try to grasp it anyway. Love always, Esha ❤

Writing Island

Photo by Pixabay on Writing Island only 1 thing is for certain i will keep on working typing till my fingers are throbbing isolated on my writing island aided by the shade of palm trees words filling a page addresses spiritual needs drinking coconut water as i please  i'm a distant breeze to a … Continue reading Writing Island