Steel Toes

Photo by Teresa Rautio on The snow falls like crumpled pieces of off white construction paper On a frigid landscape of charcoal concrete and yellow dashes At the bus stop bench sits a gray haired man In a tan, burly coat smoking a cigarette with a withered hand It has seen the passage of … Continue reading Steel Toes



Photo by Charlotte May on Cleaning Dust the shelves Knock stubborn cobwebs loose Sweep, mop and wax oak floors That once stood tall Before succumbing and crumbling to a lumberjack's ax   Scrub the walls Clean the knobs on closing doors Wipe the mirrors with newspapers and vinegar Grab the bleach Apply disinfectant   … Continue reading Cleaning

Dry Prison

  Dry Prison you leave open questions where there should only be periods... you leave me second guessing if only i could, tell me why i should take you serious?   you improperly closing doors allowing contaminants to fester in open sores the rising fever's got me delirious my heart can't take anymore¬† but you … Continue reading Dry Prison