Lack of Trying 

Photo by Andrew Beatson on On gray days When sun rays can’t seem to reach me  I get sad from a lack of trying  Then denying  And whining  As I hear the call of my ambitions  Echoing through the distance  My pride responds back,  I’m tired, I can’t do that  It’s too hard, it’ll … Continue reading Lack of Trying 


Honest Heart

Photo by Monstera on A drunken heart tells no lies. It speaks in thumps. It sighs and rests in-between beats. Keeping up with heavy moments. Staying instep with quickening feet. Pumping warm blood through cold veins. Moving against our lovers breast. We need to hear it, feel it. Pulsating through a willing chest to … Continue reading Honest Heart

Love Reunited

Photo by Ann H on Love Reunited I will take your broken pieces Glue them together again And make you whole Reunited by a love That won't let goLove always, Esha ❤

Love Continued …

I'm drinking some red wine. I feel lovely tonight. I hope you feel lovely too! 🙂   Love Continued... i am love that boiled over into ecstasy chocolate outlines my plush skin it is the hot center at the core of me it feels like gray smoke creeping up smooth curvaceous grounded thighs   it … Continue reading Love Continued …

Jazz Feeling

Jazz Feeling radio static picks up the destitute warped sounds of sorrowful trees uprooted before their time the willow wails in eclipsed sunlight swaying in the moonlight blooming with twilight the branches hum tunes only the leaves know it encases the mind and laces the eardrum in walks euphorically melodic jazz music... charging the woodland … Continue reading Jazz Feeling