Refused To Let Go

  Photo by Andy Yu on   Don't give up. Losing isn't an option.   Refused To Let Go You thought your heart was broken A small lost cog in a massive ocean But you refused to let go Spirit was full of turmoil But your faith continued to grow   Chance after chance … Continue reading Refused To Let Go



Photo by Ryan Baker on Bitterness Don't let the anger swallow the truth Don't let the pain be the biggest part of you Move beyond your turmoil And look to the burgeoning sky Made of the purest blue Time makes all things appear new   Love always, Esha ❤

My Thoughts… They

My Thoughts... They they set out pollution in the air they destroy the sea they exploit the earth only the minerals it birthed are donned by nefarious nobility they slash the wise and prudent people cutting them down like aging timber but we rise through the ashes of spite like drifting scarlet embers caught in … Continue reading My Thoughts… They