Bold Heart

Image by efes from Pixabay The feeling dissipates But I still remember the warmth  I still crave the moment  Looking for the next opportunity  To be gathered up in caring arms  To be told that I will be kept  Safe from harm  To be well thought of  And loved in return  My heart awaits the chance of exchanging the … Continue reading Bold Heart

Dad’s Compass

Photo by Jakson Martins on Dad's Compass You taught me how to get back up! How to dust off the dirt And keep on walking How to taste better tears But keep on talking You taught me how to survive How to address the hurt inside And stay alive How to move in a … Continue reading Dad’s Compass

Winter: Chapped Skin

Photo by Vishal Shah on Chapped Skin It doesn't matter if it's Shea butter, lotion or vitamin E Moisture is what dry skin needs Hydration always reigns supreme In Chicago's deadly... sleet covered ice ring   Stay warm everybody. Stay safe. Love always, Esha ❤

Someone Shot At Me

As of late, I have been conflicted regarding who I want to be and accepting the truth that consumes my daily thoughts. All the normalcy that I drew limited comfort from went out the window this week! And within my heart that bleeds Black I understand why... The persistent killing, economic oppression and abuse of … Continue reading Someone Shot At Me