Being Called A Loser

Photo by Krizjohn Rosales on I look for the bright side. I think we all do! We search for the road to understanding knowing that the words necessary may elude us at times. But we try and try and try again. Knowing that each failure brings us closer to winning. The world may see … Continue reading Being Called A Loser

He Keeps Going

Photo by Craig Adderley on               This poem is dedicated to my father.   He Keeps Going He trucks through muddy terrain In worn out and creased black boots Working hard to earn green loot To put hot food on the table For fresh smiles on glowing faces … Continue reading He Keeps Going

What’s Up With You?

  What's Up With You?  I would of gave it all And then some YOU lose And win some   But never us I believed in a future I couldn't trust My heart ached And my mind became restless   Give me a kiss, I can rely on A shoulder,  I can cry on Love … Continue reading What’s Up With You?