Treated Scars

Photo by Pixabay on Love is the ointment for raw wounds The agony subsides The spreading of the infection stops It smooths the rough patch Healing the ache of tight skin Minimizing the scar of past bruises Love transitions scars That we never believed salve could mend Never allow old hurt To cause your … Continue reading Treated Scars


One Kiss

Photo by Hoang-Loc Dang on One kiss is never enough. There must be dozens to make up for time lost. They must be doubled to address when the road less traveled gets rough. They need to cover the wounds and apply smooth balm to the scars that don't disappear. They should last for days … Continue reading One Kiss

To Fall Down

Photo by Liam Bolduc on To Fall Down Don't worry about the scraps and bruises. Soon they will turn into scars that healed. Falling down and getting back up is the bread and butter of a life well lived. Love always, Esha ❤

Evening Haiku: Very Special Indeed

Very Special Indeed scar on your right cheek each split strand of hair unkempt is uniquely made   If you enjoyed this post… If you would like to see more… Please like, share, comment and subscribe – Much love, Esha