No Need

Photo by Mateusz Sau0142aciak on When you move in silence. There's no need to talk. Just watch and listen. Take in the sounds of gossip, crickets and laughter. Be aware of your environment. The plush grass grows slowly. The dandelions open wide like a sun that rises in the east and sets in the … Continue reading No Need


A Furry Friend

    Photo by Binyamin Mellish on A Furry Friend The television flashes with images of canines with no place to go At the time, I had an apartment that didn't feel like home So I made my way to the shelter In search of a friend to call my ownAs I strolled into … Continue reading A Furry Friend

Quote: Arachnids

Quote of the Day: Arachnids   for spiders to be such hairy crafty creatures they spend a lot of time swinging from a thread but if they never caught the hang of it they'd be dead...   the gravity defying heights they climb  requires them to rely on a intricate web  spun and coordinated with … Continue reading Quote: Arachnids