The Mission of Writers

Photo by SamuelFrancisJohnson Writing is a nasty business. One minute you're speaking with your whole heart. Baring the issues of your soul on a white paper that seems endless. The next minute your words dry up like a shallow puddle of water on a hot summer’s day. The words fade to black and the feeling … Continue reading The Mission of Writers


Free Land

Free Land I want a place to be free. A land where misplaced polices, the needs of stockholders and corporate greed don't bother me. A far away destination where my existence don't require an ID. Love always, Esha ❤

Unnecessary Problem$

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Unnecessary Problem$ Power doesn't buy happiness, peace of mind, love or friends but it attracts company you don't ask for and problems you don't need  Everything done for the love of money is seduced by the persuasiveness of greed Love always, Esha ❤


Greedy my heart is resourceful and it's strength is forceful there is water that flows through frozen canals funneled over sprawling rocks as far as the eye can see there are minerals printed on my body's scroll like a treasure map rubies, timber, oil deposits, gold and silver can be found at the end my … Continue reading Greedy

Tainted SOUL

Tainted SOUL give it back... everything you stole.. all the possessions deemed precious that your greedy hands were too menacing to hold there is no reprieve from the lies... you told it's as though all the rum bottles you drank dry shattered and sliced up your tainted soul Love Always, Esha ❤