Difficult Situations

Photo by Lachlan Ross on Pexels.com Sometimes you have to figure out difficult situations fast. Pick up the pieces, laugh at the irony and keep trucking along. As you build your faith, the yoke becomes light and the burden is easy. So let the creases in the corners of your mouth perk up. Because a … Continue reading Difficult Situations


Refused To Let Go

  Photo by Andy Yu on Pexels.com   Don't give up. Losing isn't an option.   Refused To Let Go You thought your heart was broken A small lost cog in a massive ocean But you refused to let go Spirit was full of turmoil But your faith continued to grow   Chance after chance … Continue reading Refused To Let Go

Little Things: Safe

Little Things: Safe in order to know it's safe you need to know it's real no love potions or hidden pills just genuine emotions hooked on to a lover's reel that's locked onto the vibe and fascinated by the smooth feel sometimes it's the little things... Love Always, Esha