Hope’s Song

Photo by Nav Photography on Pexels.com Hope's Song Hope sings a lullaby to me On feathered wings high above the ground It flies with no ceilings But when it comes down I receive a gift or two Some old desires brought into view And a new dream to hold onto   Love always, Esha ❤



Typos  puzzle me confused... i bet you're amused by the things i misspell and less enthused about my writing   due to unused grammatical rules you caught me in a hap hazardous inferno a slideshow of School House Rock ignored i probably should of paid attention more   but i sat in class bored... staring … Continue reading Typos

Church Folk

Church Folk   they wait on sunshine from starless heavens cry on bended knees palms open wide to the ceiling   celebrating God with glee as they clap their hands and stump their feet jokes dispel hard times   so they communicate in laughter the present is cold so they wait... on the here after … Continue reading Church Folk