Boiled Over

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Every since my Daddy died... it seems like everybody got their own thang going on. And everybody doing me bogus. But deep deep down, I like the transparency! So call me the bounce back kid. My aspirations started off small but my heart is big. So let the thunder … Continue reading Boiled Over


Changing Nature

Chip away at the block. Little by little. Day by day. It will take form. Becoming something different. Something new. Something that a transforming soul once knew. Before it was altered. Before faith and hope grew. And that is the nature of change. Love always, Esha

Round the Block

Round the Block    me now  looking like 16  how?    but feeling like thirty  loving on lost ones  till the blunder hurts me    giving to causes  as though  all are worthy    pushing grey truth  like loosies outside the corner store people say I changed  don’t come round no more    - Esha … Continue reading Round the Block