Never Hopeless


snow covered mountain during sunrise
Photo by Sagui Andrea on


Never hopeless 


in the office

at the guard desk 

i am the greeter, security, secretary 

with brand ambassador logo on my chest


i’m the first face person they see in the lobby 

they talk to me like a therapist 

give me a few seconds… 

gonna burst out in a super woman dress 


underneath, this strong personal is a ton of stress

i spent the last few months,

learning how to make a little money stretch 

even though i’m earning less 


so i don’t end up homeless 

at the base of my rigorous, steep mountain 

steadily climbing to the top

but i’m still blessed 

and capable of surpassing any endurance test 


i cook perseverance up, serve it and save the rest 

leftovers squeezed into a zip-lock, placed in a freezer chest 

makes no difference the situation,

i do my best


my prayers revolve around building and maintaining

the contents of my soul: 

etched from love and happiness

i made a living off never feeling hopeless 


Thank you for reading,  Esha ❤





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