The Root

This poem is dedicated to my Grant Grandmother.


brown tree branch on brown wooden surface
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The Root

i hope peace will meet you

where blue eyed love failed to entreat you

i prayed for your healed liver and renewed soul


a shoulder to lean on, a cheek to hold

an ear to revive story, a smile to greet you and a mouth to utter praise

a safety to protect you the rest of your spiritual days


a decagon stands between you and i

but i miss you still

we call you the matriarch


your onions and potatoes brought everyone home at night

just to get a taste of your food

the children start acting right


you are the glue

the cornerstone of our family

that blues and funk gave birth to


you are the future and the past

the influence we look to when our strength won’t last

you are the Root!


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– Much love, Esha


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